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To build great products that are hand made by experts and skilled artists. We aim to provide employment opportunities to talented indivuals showcasing their skills to the world. We aim to reach out and showcase the skills INDIA has and be part of our customers lives in form of luxury home decor products. 


We believe in home decor items that have a story to tell. No mass production or machine designed product but pure hand crafted. For each product you purchase we had a lot of fun while making, celebrating team events, having a tea break, race to finish, music playing in the background.  You don't just purchase a product, you experience it.

Houses are made by Bricks and Cement while Homes are made by stories of people living within. Add little bit of imperfection, rustiness and calm with our handmade cement home decor products. They would merge well with the textures your houses are made of and give a natural decor. 

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